Once Upon A Children’s Storybook

Let me share with you all the knowledge I gain through this process of self-publishing, and self-marketing. I learn most of my skills through the process of trial and error, so if you follow along – let me fall flat on my face first, so you know what to avoid.

Submitting Self-Published Books to the Library

Learn with me. Early this week, I went to my library and asked if I could donate a book. Apparently, that is not the process to get your book into the libraries.  The man who helped me was great though.  He directed me to Capital City Press and told me I had a...

A Disaster

I don't know how to put this, but I am overwhelmed with emotion regarding my book prints.  All 25 came in, and... I might just post the unboxing video.  I am sure you can see the very moment that the disappointment hit me like a load of bricks. One of two things...

The Process

The process to write a children's picture book is hard, but rather attainable.  These are the steps that I took to get to the stage of publication.  My books are self-published, which means I retain all the rights of ownership.  It also means that I am responsible for...
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