Early 2020, as COVID-19 locked down the world I started writing my first children’s book, Little Dragon Gets Heartburn.

The first book that I read to my 6-month-old son was Get Me Another One, a Robert Munsch book.  This particular book was a gift from my brother, and it was signed by the illustrator Mike Bolt.  I had been a long-time fan of Robert Munsch.  At 8 years old I wrote to him, and received a letter back.  I currently keep the letter next to a stack of Little Dragon Gets Heartburn.

The glee I saw in her son’s face while reading to my son reignited my love for children’s books. I started to read to my son every night before bed. Two years later the reading increased when I had my daughter.

There was no fooling anyone. The reading at night was as much enjoyment for myself, as I started to gather my own collection of children’s books (and some coordinating stuffies – Love Monster, by Rachel Bright).

At 5 years old my son came up with an idea “what if there was a dragon that had a fire in its mouth, and he couldn’t put it out…” and Little Dragon Gets Heartburn was born.

Since that conversation with my son, I knew I had a large undertaking. I came up with the poem and started scribbling cute dragons. After the poem was ready, I was ready to hire out the illustrations. “I can’t draw the pictures.” were the words I spoke. My husband’s response was “why not?” After being stumped for a reply, I started to brush up on my illustration skills and tooled up on Adobe Illustrator.

August 2021, I published Little Dragon Gets Heartburn and the new book Jaxxie and the Unicorn Hunt was already started and well on its way to being complete. I have a love for the storytelling process and adore the characters that I create, as I often project personality traits of my family members onto the characters I create.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  I hope you love reading these books, as much as I loved creating them.  

Don’t forget to visit PatriciaPick.com, where I will post updates about the books, and with any luck, local book readings.