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Patricia Pick

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Little Dragon Gets Heartburn

Little Dragon ate WAY too much junk food!  Now his mouth is on fire!  What is he going to do?

This book was issued an ISBN: 978-1777857509 and has been sent out for its first print!  It is available through Amazon Canada, Amazon US and Barnes and Noble!

It is available locally, through a different ISBN and if requested I will happily sign the book.

Jaxxie and the Unicorn hunt teaser

Book is almost finished!

Jaxxie and the Unicorn Hunt  will be printed when it is funded!  How can you help?

  • Help me sell the last 50 books of Little Dragon Gets Heartburn by contacting me directly for a signed copy
  • Order a Pre-Sale of Jaxxie and the Unicorn Hunt by contacting me directly.
  • Share your love of the books with your friends


Hi. My name is Patricia Pick, but my friends and family call me Trish.

I have two beautiful children who are responsible for most of the smiles that reach my lips, and many of the grey hairs.

I was big into reading as a child, often hiding a flashlight under the covers to read “just one more chapter”.

During my Elementary years, Robert Munsch came to my library and read to the class.  I couldn’t get over the idea that a real author came and read to my class. I was awestruck.  That experience stuck in my mind, and I became a insta-fan.  At some point after that experience, I wrote Robert Munsch a letter.  I don’t recall what the letter said, but I do remember that I drew a picture of the cover of “I have to go”.

Much to my surprise, I received a letter back.

Now, I can’t say my desire to become a writer began from that experience, because that would be a lie, but it did cement an image in my brain that I will never forget.

I saw Robert Munsch one time after that.  I took my younger cousin Jeff, who was 10 years old at the time, to Edmonton’s Summer Fair.  I am sure I was way more into it than he was.

While he was onstage he stated that the best way to get to kids is to work with the number 3.  For some reason, the kids absolutely love it.  While writing my very first book, Little Dragon Gets Heartburn, I took that advice to heart.

So, now as COVID restrictions wind down, and the snow melts, I have a stack of book which I am eager to share with the world.  I want to do what Mr. Munsch did for me – I want to take the time to read to groups of children, forever planting that image in their memory.

This summer, is going to be the best summer.

I still have that letter, dated June 1, 1993 hanging up on my wall – next to my first authored Children’s Book – Little Dragon Gets Heartburn.

Your Friend,

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