A Disaster

by | Sep 13, 2021

I don’t know how to put this, but I am overwhelmed with emotion regarding my book prints.  All 25 came in, and… I might just post the unboxing video.  I am sure you can see the very moment that the disappointment hit me like a load of bricks.

One of two things happened.

  1. I misinterpreted how Ingramsparks E-Proof system works.
  2. IngramSpark messed up.

I suspect an error on Ingramspark’s end, due to similarities between an e-proof I refused and the book that I received. Either way, it will still be a long back and forth process and another month-long wait for the book to arrive at my door again.

Well damn.

So as I choke back some emotion, I can’t help but remember that THIS VERY BOOK illustrates that a mistake is just another learning opportunity.  Whether it be a mistake that IngramSpark made, or myself – life moves on.

“Your parents aren’t always right.
We don’t always know the right things to do,
but we have years of mistakes.
Many more than you.”